Boduf Songs

Boduf Songs is the name taken by Mat Sweet. Boduf Songs was Sweet's first attempt at recording himself playing his own songs, using a sparse variety of instruments. Mostly vocal and guitar oriented, it would be easy to confuse him with singer-songwriters. But Sweet’s compositions are way more bleak and abrasive than what most people associate with the genre. Sweet has a profound love for loud and heavy music, which he takes in the exact opposite direction with Boduf Songs. It’s hard to come up with more extreme quiet bands – He proves that quiet and introspective is a whole different thing than ‘soft’. His latest album has been released by Flenser on 3rd February 2015.

1. David Bowie - Lady Grinning Soul
Sumptuous, soft focus porno nightmare, wraps you in exquisite ermines and locks you in a cupboard until you become one with the floorboards.
2. Plastikman - Psyk
Perfect sounds for midnight escape down bright lit highways and off into desolate back-roads, the persistent pulse, the pining, urgent melody, onward, ever onward.
3. The Walker Brothers - Nite Flights
Majestic dada word-spew sidles up to shiny late-70s pop-rock production, blinking glance into alternate dimension, the raw meat fist you choke has hit the bloodlite.
4. Agnes Obel - Dorian
Fall through a beautiful hole in your consciousness, where spirits are lifted but in darkness, like drowning in your favourite soup.
5. Thomas Köner - 33° 31' N 36° 19' E Hour Six
Banged and bruised, swollen with fetid water, your naked corpulent body sinks slowly to the bottom of the deep, deep river, and everybody is smiling.
6. Ernst Karel - Oberterzen-Unterterzen
A tunnel through space-time to mountain-top arcane machinery clunk and whirr, pure and unbridled, the circumstantial becomes cinematic, exalted.
7. Deathprod - Dead People's Things
Something that always was and will be, resonances calling out across time, chattering through your set, creeping around the perimeter.

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