Remora is the project of Brian John Mitchell (the owner of beloved Silber Records) started in the '90 to release guitar-made ambient walls of sound, which has lately shifted into apocalyptic punk-pop, slowcore rhythms and shoegazing tunes.

1. Godflesh – Slavestate (from Slavestate, 1991)
This came out when I was 15. At the time I was mainly listening to thrash bands & this song totally blew my mind. I still walk around whistling it on a regular basis 20+ years later.
2. Lycia – Dome (from Estrella, 1998)
Lycia shaped everything I think I know about music & the music industry. This one is a lot noisier than what they’re generally known for & fairly awesome.
3. Swans – Red Sheet (from Body to Body, Job to Job, 1991)
The early Swans are so brutal. This song always grabbed me by the throat.
4. Joy Division – Twenty Four Hours (from Closer, 1980)
Joy Division is probably the band most influential to all the other bands I listen to. They always sound new & fresh & exciting to me.
5. Gyorgy Ligeti – Lux Aeterna (from Lux Aeterna, 1991)
Lux Aeterna blew my mind. It’s not just music from 2001 or The Shining, it’s a serious piece of music that totally influenced everything I’ve done that vaguely falls under the heading ambient.
6. Low – Sunflower (from Things We Lost In The Fire, 2001)
I love Low. This is the one of their tracks I most find myself walking around singing.
7. New Order – The Him (from Movement, 1981)
This might be the single song I’ve listened to the most times in 2014. People always want to talk crap about New Order compared to Joy Division & even I used to do that. But now I think that the first two albums are where Joy Division was headed anyway & this song is under heard & incredible.

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