Thorn1 was founded in 2005 in the Altai region of Russia by Evgeny Zheyda as a side project of his post-grunge band Partisani, focusing on blending drones, shoegaze, electronics, & nature sounds. So Far As Fast, the first official release, is filled with funeral hymns, snowstorms, the freezing breath of solitude, & the hope for a shining future. The Light of Random Star is his latest release. Post angst music from Siberia. 

1. The Twilight Sad - The Wrong Car (from The Wrong Car EP, 2010)
This song is a real story for me, which shows how the perfect composition should sound like and be structured like. Especially in emotional case, with perfect scottish pronouncing...
2. Aarktica - Nostalgia = Distortion (from Or You Could Just Go Through Your Whole Life and Be Happy Anyway, 2002)
The minimalistic composition that walks trough my whole life since I was 15. It was on my alarm clock and as the ringtone in an awful .amr format and reminds me of the sunny teen ages. This song shows how beautiful music recorded with limited arsenal can be.
3. John Frusciante – With No One (from To Record Only Water for Ten Days, 2001)
This song was my first acquaintance with Frusciante's art. Very lo-fi, very melodic. After it I realised that I can record music with cheap recorders which I had.
4. Idlewild - El Capitan (from Warnings/Promises, 2005)
That another example of scottish music shows me how important lyrics are. Not very tipical for this band, but awesome text, as always. Untuned piano is like an echo of the past, which is the main theme of my lyrics now.
5. Lene Marlin – Never To Know (from Lost in a Moment, 2005)
I'd always loved pop music and especially one norwegian girl with beautiful voice. After all I know her name. And I think this is how really pop music should sound and which impression it should give.
6. The Gathering – Jelena (from Souvenirs, 2003)
The Gathering is the band that inspired me to do music since I was 12-year old child. This song just blows my mind not because of energetics, but because of painful feeling it gives rise to. Really funeral hymn, sets of many sound details that show me that not only the devils are in them.
7. Aereogramme – You're Always Welcome (from My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go, 2007)
Scotlanders again. I really don't know which song from this 'My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go' album I should choose. they're all beautiful, but this one is full of tenderness which I try to bring to my music sometimes.

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