Azalia Snail

Azalia Snail is a New York-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who blends cosmic psychedelia and noise-pop. She played a prominent role in the 1990s lo-fi music scene and won the Los Angeles LA Weekly Music Award for Best New-Genre/Uncategorizable Artist in 2000. Now she's playing with Dan West in a band called LoveyDove.

1. Lou Reed - Satellite Of Love (from Transformer)
Beautifully simple lyric of the complications and the expectancy of the greatest love. A love so close, yet so far out of reach. A love that will always be available in the far reaches of space, but only to attain it.
2. The Troggs - I'll Buy You An Island (from The Trogg Tapes)
Similarly, a simple song of the devotion and total embrace of a great love. Reg Presley creates a most sensual, mesmerizing song of finding that delectable mate, someone with whom you could live on a tiny island forever.
3. King Missile - Sensitive Artist (from Dog Fly Religion
The lament of the human/artist too sensitive for this world. Funny, profound and absolute perfect words by John S Hall.
4. Dan West - Lifeless (from Hot Corners)  
Stunning summation of the human in turmoil, trying to grow up with self-respect whilst being tormented by your parents. Trying to gain inner strength while the rest of the world tries to tear you down.
5. Patti Smith - Land (from Horses)
The desperate plea of belonging, insanely fierce and haunting. Imaginative, ravishing, the best thing she has ever done.
6. Magazine - Give Me Everything (7" single)
The master of rock lyrics, Howard Devoto's plea to a lover to forget thyself, and give in to the overwhelming feeling of love.
7. Minnie Riperton - Les Fleurs (from Come To My Garden)
An absolute masterpiece in psychedelic jazz. It is the penultimate plea for everyone to find peace and beauty and power within, and to spread that notion around.

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