DRLNG (pronounced darling) is a new project featuring former members of Boston dreampop act Plumerai. In October 2014, they are debuting with their first EP called Icarus. They tip their hat to a variety of influences such as Seventeen Seconds era Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bjork, and Ella Fitzgerald. All of which are fused into an exciting new sound. 

1. Laura Marling - Night after Night (from A creature I don't know, 2011)
Inspires me to make very melodious and flowing vocal melodies. The ones which makes sense, ones you hear and know they couldn't go any other way. Laura Marling also inspires me to write better lyrics, like the gold ole days, when songs were about telling stories and not just soul pouring.
2. Daughter - Love (from The wild youth, 2012)
This song (and singer) inspire me the opposite! Focus deep inside my quiet place, my heart, my love, and gently let it out.
3. Patrick Wolf - The Libertine (from Sundark & riverlight, 2012)
I am usually a quiet singer. My songs would put you to sleep sometimes. This song inspires me to shake it a little. Find the exciting dynamic side of my character, the one that wants to dance and try to inspire the same through my songwriting.
4. The Cure - Disintegration (from Disintegration, 1989)
Up until this point I was mainly listening to thrash/punk and the first two FNM albums. Couldn't really stand the cure because a friend would listen to 'The Kiss" & 'Just Like Heaven' on repeat. But when this album came out and especially this song, it opened up a whole new world in regards to music and mostly responsible for my approach of layering in the studio. This song I find especially interesting in how it builds in intensity when it's basically just one bass line and one verse of lyrics that expand as the song gallops on.
5. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - From Her to Eternity (from From her to eternity, 1984)
Perhaps my favourite song of his, i can listen to all the various versions in a row if i had to. I was a late bloomer in regards to bad seeds mostly due to the overplaying of the Let Love In album. But the recent shows he's done have been inspiring and it reminds me of all the things i like about rock without all the parts i hate. He also made me start paying attention to lyrics again.
6. Cranes - Leaves of Summer (from Wings of joy, 1991)
Basically the entire Wings of Joy album but in particular, Leaves of Summer . When this came out, they became my favourite band for a few years. Probably one of the most unique sounds at the time, maybe even since. The harsh repetitive pianos and heavy beats were a big influence, especially combined with a sort of majestic overtone with bursts of a harsh walls of sound. Took a bit of everything in music i liked at the time and made one song out of it. The production sounds a little dated these days but I think that works more for it than against it.
7. Devotckha - Such A Lovely Thing (from How it ends, 2004)
They're one of the bands that sort of helped me decide that there was still some interesting things happening in modern music, even if they did have to use old world influences to do it. Making use of tuba, accordian, fiddle in particular and oompah-energy. Pleasing, they're kind of new age yuppie favourite thanks to their inclusion in that movie about taking the kid to the spelling bee that was all the rage. But i like it nonetheless and obviously took some hints when we I was busy with Plumerai.

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