Rivulets is the nom de plume of minimalist singer-songwriter Nathan Amundson, who whispers delicate poems accompanied by skeletal chords and slow arpeggios, blending "Drake-ian" folk and slowcore since 2002. He has just released his fifth album, called I Remember Everything.

1. Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi’s Dead (1979)
Introduced me to minimalist rock music and, later I would realize, dub.
2. Big Star - What’s Going Ahn (from Radio City, 1974)
Big Star are still teaching me how to write better songs.
3. Lisa Germano - Wood Floors (from Slide, 1998)
From the wood upon which you stood.
4. Stevie Wonder - All In Love Is Fair (from Innervisions, 1973)
You either win or lose.
5. Swans - The Sound (from Soundtracks for the blind, 2001)
Float above my lake. Swans showed me the possibilities were limitless.
6. Robert Johnson - Stop Breaking Down (1937)
Please stop breaking down.
7. The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored (from The Stone Roses, 1989)
This whole album is unassailable. This song was my entry point.

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