Origami Arktika

For over twenty years Origami Arktika has combined the traditional sounds of norwegian folk music with experimental & drone music to make beautiful hybrid sounds that are uniquely their own. Their latest album is called Absolut Gehor, it has been released by Silber records in 2014, and contains a mix of post rock, psych, drone, & lofi sounds.

1. Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges - Weary Blues (from Back to back, 1959)
My grandma taught me to love jazz, and this is a tune that’s always been with me. So smooth, simple and to the point. I love maximalism as well as the other guy, but sometimes simplicity carries the day. Hodges never blew a note that wasn’t necessary.
2. Luciano Berio - Visage (1961)
The mother of a friend used to dim all the lights and play this loud for her kids when they were young. Scary! I got to hear this when I was 19, and it turned out to be a first step on the way towards Cage, Reich, Riley, Nordheim, and eventually Nurse With Wound and others.
3. Tore Honoré Böe - Chokran (from Suave Siesta, 2001)
Tore plays with us, when he’s at not home in Gran Canaria. He’s got a lot of great stuff, and being the founder and mentor for the whole Origami Republika network, he’s influenced me a lot – both musically and personally. Suave Siesta is a great album, go get it. Quiet and intense at the same time.
4. Deutsch Nepal - The Fire Within My Cold Heart (from Benevolence, 1993)
Dark ambient from Swedish Lina Baby Doll. I’ve listened to this one again and again through the years since it’s release. The monotonous should never be monotonous, but beautiful like this.
5. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Ångbåtsblues (from Grimascher och telegram, 1966)
Cornelis was a great Dutch/Swedish troubadour, here performing with the amazing Jan Johansson trio. There are quite a few singers who would have made it really big, if they had sung in English, Russian, Chinese or Spanish. Cornelis was one of those. And a constant reminder of the inequalities of society, always speaking up for the unfortunate and unhappy.
6. Elvis Presley - My baby left me (1956)
The first record I ever bought was by Elvis. He’s been with me since childhood, both the early stuff and his ‘70s recordings. Wonderful vocals, and a rare presence, even when the lyrics are somewhat silly. I love the simplicity of these early live recordings. Overdubs are fine, but you can’t deny the directness of this.
7. Halvard T. Bjørgum - Skjoldmøyslaget - Form Etter Olav Heggland (from Skjoldmøyslaget - Faremoslåttar Frå Setesdal, 1992)
And finally some of the best in traditional Norwegian Folk Music. Not much to say about this, just enjoy the sound of this master musician playing on a troll-tuned Hardanger fiddle.

P.S.: Chokran by Tore Honoré Böe isn't avaiable on Spotify or YouTube. If you find a media where the track could be streamed, please contact us!

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