Should is Marc Ostermeier, Tanya Maus and Eric Ostermeier. Their debut six song CD-EP, 1995's A Folding Sieve, was a true gem of the 1990's American shoegaze scene. Since then, they have released 3 more full length LPs, merging shoegaze, psych-rock, ethereal pop and slowcore in a uniquely manner. Their latest album, The Great Pretend, has been released in 2014 by Words on Music.

1. Colin Newman – We Means We Starts (from CN1, 1982) 
Taught me the beauty in repetition and addition.
2. New Order – Leave Me Alone (from Power, Corruption and Lies, 1983)
A perfect ending to a perfect album.
3. Cocteau Twins – Spangle Maker (from Spangle Maker EP, 1984) 
Taught me the beauty of creating a new world to get lost in.
4. Yo La Tengo - Barnaby, Hardly Working (from President Yo La Tengo, 1989) 
Taught me the beauty of the single-groove song.
5. Disco Inferno – Waking Up (from Science EP, 1991) 
Haunting and minimal with wonderful subtleties.
6. Bedhead - Bedside Table (from What Fun Life Was, 1993) 
Simple and understated: just special.
7. My Bloody Valentine – To Here Knows When (from Loveless, 1991) 
Taught me the beauty in decay and deconstruction.

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