Nathan Moomaw is an eclectic folksinger based in Los Angeles. His songs are sonically lean and produce campfire ambiences reminiscent of Jack Johnson while wafting a gentle sage like voicing with the quality of Sufjan Stevens. Lately he is releasing more electronic-oriented pieces using only his surname.

1. Tones On Tail - Rain
Gorgeous ambient composition into danceable ballad-y jammer.
2. Jay Dilla - Nothing Like This
Jay Dee. What sounds like this? So twisted.
3. Love Inc. - Life's A Gas
Jimi Hey introduced me to this one. He put it on at a party one night and said something like "I would live in this song". Yes.
4. Leonard Cohen - Is This What You Wanted
Long time fan of Cohen. This track, the first cut off New Skin For The Old Ceremony, is just filled with presence, the sounds, the drums, the sway.
5. Robert Miles - Children [Dream Version]
The first version of this track I heard was an DOS Module Tracker remake by someone back in '96. It basically sounded as wonderfully melodic cheesy as this classic Dream Version.
6. Bobb Trimble - Oh Baby
Rock music still means something.
7. The Art Of Noise - Moments In Love
Makeout forever.

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