In a recent show preview, one Portland music critic wrote, "Which Rllrbll will show up?" It was an acknowledgement of Rllrbll's voracious creative appetite. They write smoky, dark, post-cabaret songs with accordian and dueling male-female vocal harmonies; blat out gnarled jazz-damaged improvisations with reeds, brass, shakers, and wild-eyed drumming; make you ache with melodic bass-and-piano-driven drifters; and get you up with skronking noise-beat laced with samples. They are always exploring, they fairly teeter into chaos, but their strong personalities always ensure that they are not too scattered.

1. Led zeppelin - No Quarter
I first heard this song at a party in a small town in Montana. There was a blizzard outside and I was sitting at a kitchen table. This song makes a strong visual and created an energy that changed music for me.
2. Screaming Trees - Caught Between
My first christmas alone ever. This song on repeat. Still holds up forever for me.
3. Sonic Youth - Wish fulfillment
This band influenced me heavily. Especially how they all brought songs in and each person had a style. Lee will always be my favorite.
4. Three Mile Pilot - Eastern wave
Pall is one of my most favorite singers... his lyrics and voice.. all of it. The bass is incredible. Saw them 2 years ago and it still meant the world to me after all these years.
5. Red Red Meat - Braindead
Best times in Portland so long ago. Sitting on a couch with my friends freaking out over this band. Lost in sound and words so you forget where you are. I love Califone just as much
6. Dog Faced Hermans - Keep your laws off my body
I saw this band at Satyricon for 5 dollars. It was like a huge lesson in respecting what music is and how it can help put words of power out there to create change. Magic.
7. Waylon Jennings - Walk on out of my mind
Moves me to drink and cry and hope i can write a song half as good as he does!

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