Bersanin Quartett

There is no "quartet" as such - just several supporting musicians revolving around German composer Thomas Bucker - but the name does suggest the intimacy of chamber music if not its small-scale sound. The self-titled debut album contains slow, lumbering breakbeats cradling warm strings, and dark chords rendered with moody synths. The second album, simply called II, is a sort of movie music for the mind, and has been released by Denovali in 2012.

01. Jean-Michel Jarre - Ethnicolor
Most impact in my childhood.
02. Burial - Ghost hardware
My favorite kind of clubmusic.
03. Mouse On Mars - Bib
Wonderful organic electronic music.
04. My Bloody Valentine - Soon
The beauty of distortion (1).
05. Tim Hecker - Stags, aircraft, kings and secretaries
The beauty of distortion (2).
06. The Necks - Sex
The beauty of repetition.
07. Lucrecia Dalt - Ara
Simply lovely music - reminds me of good times at madeiradig ... (feel free to google).

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