Coastal formed in 1999 as a hybrid of several musicians who had played for years in different bands in the Provo, Utah area. The band debuted on Words On Music in 2001 with a self-titled album which is an inspired blend of restraint and tonal splendor, punctuating the contemplative atmospheres developed by artists such as Low and Ida. The album was released to great acclaim, and songs from Coastal were played by John Peel, the renowned British DJ, on his BBC Radio 1 show. In 2015 they released a collection of singles and unreleased stuff named Beneath the snow and streetlights.


1. Velour 100 - Calendar
Huge open space between the piano notes. Beautiful melodies. Painfully honest lyrics. Slow tempo. Dreamy. A lot of people think I was influenced by Low but I was way more into Velour 100 when Coastal was formed.
2. Hammock - Blankets of Night
This song knocked me on the ground the first time I heard it. Still does. If I could sound like any band I think it would be these guys. Brilliant.
3. The Cocteau Twins - Primitive Heart 
One of the few songs we’ve covered as a band. I proposed to Luisa while this song was playing. Been a huge fan of this band for years.
4. Red House Painters - Mistress 
Hugely influential to me. Amazing how he can craft such pain with such beauty. Achingly sad, yet soothing music.
5. The Field Mice – If You Need Someone
I’m a huge Sarah Records fan. The album Coastal by the Field Mice was an inspiration for our band name. I actually got a coastal CD to Bob Wratten and he dug it and complimented the name.
6. Slowdive - Waves 
One of the first Slowdive songs I heard in the early 90s. They’ve been a massive influence on me since then. Amazing to see them live last year. We went together as a band. Spoke to Al from Low at the gig and reminisced about playing with them in London circa 2003.
7. Siouxie and the Banshees – The Ghost in You
I can’t claim to be a longtime Siouxie fan but this song stops me in my tracks every time I hear it. Love the imagery it conjures.

Honorable Mentions: 
Lush  – Sweetness and Light
Ride – Vapor Trail
Boo Radleys – Does this Hurt? 
Billy Bragg – Tank Park Salute

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