Michiru Aoyama

Michiru Aoyama is a 29 year old ambient composer from Kyoto. He studied electronic music in Berlin and the result of that journey lead him to ambient music. Fast forward a couple of years and the young producer has managed to showcase an understanding of experimental music that rivals that of already established artists in the genre. His most recent piece, which holds the title In A Dream is a true soundtrack for the ambient aficionado worldwide releases by Shimmering Moods Records

1. Eric Clapton - Layla
I played guitar this song when university. i played blues music when university.
2. Brian Eno - An Ending
Special ambient. i feel the mystery of the universe.
3. Spitz - スピカ
Japanese rock band. i heard all the songs of this band. Live act is great.
4. Fennesz - Glide
I respect him . i went to germany for hearing his live act.
5. Aiko - 光のさす足下
Japanese girl singer. Cute singer.
6. Aphex twin - Flim
Special rhythm. I think this song is best in his works.
7. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry christmas Mr lawrence
Beautiful japanese soul. His piano works is amazing. I like all of his film music works.

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